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Thanks for your interest. I'm Dean Brown, a family physician in North Vancouver, BC Canada.              QUALIFICATIONS POLICY

 I wrote HealthProfiler as a "chartless office", but soon realized it was an ideal tool for putting information where it belongs: in the person's own hands. A person who keeps a health record is firmly "in the picture", and it helps the practitioner too, so everyone benefits.

Using a personal computer, anyone can maintain good health records, but surprisingly few people do. We have the software and good information to get you started.  



I've worked in family practice, including obstetrics, child care, emergency medicine, nursing homes, hospital, and community care. I enjoy being a  generalist, with the mix of physical, psychological and social issues that come our way. 
CCFP(1983) - certification in family practice
CCFP(EM)(1988) - certification in emergency medicine.           Top

HealthProfiler Policy

Our views on some matters of interest....

Sponsorship: who supports this site (a question to ask about every site you visit). We have no additional sponsors. HeatlhProfiler is independent.

You may have noticed the absence of banners, ads, animations, and so forth. We respect your intelligence, and believe that if we try to provide excellent software, and solid information, you can judge us on our merits without a lot of hype.         Top


HealthProfiler and HealthPage do not represent the official views of any professional body. Nor do they replace the care and recordkeeping of a competent physician or other health professional. Specific health matters should be handled in consultation with a physician. In fact, we strive to support collaboration between any person and their health care provider.          


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updated July 03, 2005